11 April, 2015



I just saw the date of my last post --- Feb. 2013!

My family just threw me a surprise party and got a me a surprise gift - my Frankie!  ...  to say that I slacked off with blogging because life got busy would be an understatement.

Here, in all of it's list form glory, is a chronological recap of what happened next:
  1. A work trip to NYC ended with some friends flying out to meet me to enjoy a wonderful girls foodie-themed spring break (& for the most part it was...) but I ended up sick and nauseous the entire time.
  2. Ryan and I confirmed our pregnancy!!!!  (Thankfully explaining the elegant barfing all over the Big Apple).  We announced this to friends and family at my Mom's birthday dinner.  At a Red Lobster.  We announced this to the world on Mother's Day 2013.  On instagram.  We agreed to have the gender of our child be a surprise until the end.
  3. Frankie proved to be a HANDFUL of a puppy!  (This "puppy" phase in Frenchies, we learned, lasts quite a bit longer than in other breeds.  GREAT.)
  4. Something was in the water - Ryan's close friend from our Guam-days, who now lives in Texas, told us he and his wife were expecting (with a due date just a week from our), one of close friends here, also had a close due date (in end, we gave birth on the same day to birthday twins!), and a work friend revealed she was expecting too.  I nearly cried for joy knowing I wasn't going to be "alone" in all of this crazy, life changing-ness.
  5. Speaking of work .. it commenced as usual.  I got some training through NASA for a certification to handle legit lunar & meteorite samples!  (big Nerd win for me!).  Went on another Sea Camp trip swimming around in the ocean - found out I was not as buoyant as I had been on previous trips! & finally broke the news to my students at the end of the year by rushing out of the classroom just before the bell rings with a "GottagotothebathroomnohomeworktonightseeyouguystomorrowbythewayI'mpregnant!OKbyeeeee."
  6. FF to October 14, 2013, we were blessed with the best gift ever, a little earlier than expected but  oh so welcomed --- I gave birth to a baby girl, Rylie Grace. 
  7. Breastfeeding was NOT easy and for me (and probably baby too), not enjoyable.  I stopped feeling guilty about feeling that way and stopped letting other women make me feel guilty about feeling that way real quick.  I nursed for 6 weeks and since the weaning, we've had a healthy happy baby who has slept through the entire night ever since.  :)
  8. Before giving birth, I did prenatal yoga and walked a lot.  Other than that, I stayed away from the typical classes (Lamaze, baby prep, etc.) and didn't read any books.  I can't say I have any regrets ragrets.  
  9. Maternity leave was nice and all ... yes, I did need quite a few days to recuperate (it was QUiTE HORRiFYiNG to find out what a "4th degree tear" means and that it happened to me!  DON'T Google it.) and yes, the bonding time with my new little was lovely.  I wasn't emotional or hormonal during pregnancy like many women are.  Instead, all of the feels got me once I gave birth.  I was a wreck - I could literally go through every possible human emotion within a minute just because I saw the tail end of a Charmin toilet paper commercial.  The mysteries and complications of postpartum life is something that no one can really prepare you for as I learned that it will be drastically different for every woman.  It made me appreciate mothers in a totally new light.  More so, it made me appreciate stay-at-home mothers.  I was thankful to be a mom - thankful to be Rylie's mom - but I wasn't the best mom I could be.  I knew part of it was because I wasn't happy being home full time.  At first, saying that out loud made me feel terrible.  But of course, it wasn't that I was unhappy being with Rylie - I missed being productive in a way I knew how, being fulfilled through work.  I took just 8 weeks off and returned to teaching.  Fortunately, I'm surrounded by women/friends at work who also embrace the 'working mom life'.  I have nothing to feel guilty about, I am happy doing what I do and because of that, I get to go home after a long work day feeling proud and accomplished.  I end up being a better mom because I am happy and that much more eager to spend the rest of the day with my kiddo.
  10. Other big life events as a new party of three (or, five if you want to count the dogs) - first Halloween, first Christmas, first New Years, first Valentine's, Easter, first plane ride, first wedding, yadda yadda yadda.  Having a baby girl makes the holidays and special occasions infinitely cuter with the OUTFITS!  THE OUTFITS!!
  11. I found myself in ISRAEL for another work trip in Feb. 2014 (to this day, I still find it crazy that my job has me traveling to all these places!).  Jerusalem, the Old City, the Dead Sea, Masada ... a once in a lifetime experience that I hope doesn't end up being a once in a lifetime experience after all :)
  12. Ryan continues to live that Reserves life, graduated last summer, and is now working full time in physical therapy.  His training in massage and knowledge of the body's muscular system came it handy during pregnancy and life in general!  WORK PERKS!  
  13. At this point, Rylie has been in day care since she was 3 months old.  Our choice (or maybe lack thereof) to do this has been wonderful.  She seems to be well adjusted, social, and comparatively, a BiG girl! Hahahaa ... she was sitting in a high chair at 7 months, feeding herself and walking at 9mo, running by a year old, and at 16mo is fully invested in the "mine!" phase (Oh boy!  Can you say the Terrible Two's came early?).  Her teachers tell us she's ready for potty training as she proudly announces "diaper time!"  
  14. As for the dogs - Roscoe had to adjust quickly to not being the "only kid".  Frankie's house training and training in general was definitely not as quick as Roscoe's and therefore needed a lot of attention.  French Bulldogs are described as clowns.  It's true.  This dog will always be so puppy-like.  Thankfully, he started to "calm down" about a year and half in.  He's house trained and we could leave him and our stuff out without being in fear that we will come home to everything being ripped to shreds!  Frankie, to this day, prances around like he's still a tiny puppy.  It's funny.  Both dogs have been so great with Rylie - at first, Frankie was all about the baby and Roscoe was very standoffish.  But these days, the three of them are besties.  I'm sure they appreciate all the dropped food during Rylie's mealtimes!  We taught her how to do the Filipino 'mano' and she does it to the dogs if you tell her to!

March 2015
Rylie insisted on holding Frankie's leash.

So yeah, it has been a while since I last posted.  Life has certainly been busy!  I'm currently on spring break enjoying a stay-cation!  Rylie's at day care and Ryan's at work so I've had time to work on the house, get caught up with work, and doing some actual relaxing!  I've thought about this blog here and there and sometimes wished I documented more of the last year and a half more for sentimental reasons.  I can't say, again, that this is a return.  Just that I've missed this.  I want to put more time and effort into this.  But we've been enjoying life too much to really take a second ...

But that blogging itch though ...

March 2014
Seriously missing Rylie's pineapple-hair phase.

Hope it won't be another year a half until you hear from me again ... ;)  

10 February, 2013


1. What was your first car?
I actually got a {BMW 3.25 IS} the day I turned 16 as a hand me down from my mom when she upgraded. (Yeah, just a tad bit spoiled, I know!)  Funny thing was that at the time, I had ZERO interest in driving!  All of my friends had their licenses so I was never without a ride.

2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
{Mrs. Wright, 1st grade, Shirley Lanham ES in Japan; Ms. Lujan, 7th grade science, Andersen MS in Guam; & Mr. Baskwill, 9th-11th math, Guam HS in Guam}  I have quite a few which is probably why I became one myself :)

3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
I don't have any photos on hand right now but yes, I did!  Volleyball, cheer leading, tennis, student council, & foreign language club.

4. What was your favorite birthday party?
Actually, this was perfect timing!  I just had my birthday this past Friday and my friends and family threw me an amazing  surprise party!  To top it off, my hubby, my sister, and my brother all went in to debut their surprise gift:

Meet our new addition:  Frankie!

5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?
Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez
Source: celebuzz.com via Donna on Pinterest

6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
My parents were not strict with movies or shows.  They only time my mom ever told us to not watch something was one random day when South Park was on!

05 February, 2013


Surprise, surprise.  Another linkup.

I.  might.  be.  obsessed.

But this one is cool.  Coz jess is cool rocks.

FiNALLY taking the prospects of a master's degree seriously!

Hubby went fancy with cologne choice today!  (Ooh la la)

Post-workout face & hair.  

Here's to being taking the time out of another long, busy work day to stop and look at the good.

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04 February, 2013


I was crazing ceviche so my sister and I met up with friends at the Wellington Food Truck Invasion again last Thursday.  We got there early and got THE BEST parking spot!!!  Had to take pics of course!

Roscoe got in the car and immediately made my sister's lap his seat!
Any one feel like they hit the jackpot when
they get an awesome parking spot!
Because we got there just before the crowds, the lines were nonexistent!  So we hauled our food back to the car and had ourselves a little tailgate party waiting for our friends.

Roscoe being such a good boy waiting for some food.

It certainly was a chilly night but all the eating and catching up with friends took our minds off the cold.  The food was great (as usual) and we went home happy with full stomachs. 

Bulgogi Burger from International Classic Cuisine.
The bomb dot com.
Vinnie's Famous' Wiz Wit from Tree House Truck.

Pescados Unidos's crab taquitos - the avocados make it delicious!

Fried Mac n' Cheese balls = the true amazeballs!
Thank you, Miami Press!
Key Lime, Strawberry Bliss, & Orange Blossom.

So I was craving the same cupcakes from Dolce Gourmet Cupcakes.  The didn't have the Mango or Guava cupcakes I had last time but these were just as delicious!

Needless to say we are STiLL running off our fantastic food night!

03 February, 2013


If you were stuck on an island what are the two material items you would want to have?
My laptop (with wifi, lol) & a blanket.  I've been known to get cold even when the rest of the world is hot!

What are two TV shows you’d watch over and over
This one is difficult as I loooooove TV!  Game of Thrones and Parks & Recreation.  One of them I watch over and over again since I miss so much in the accents and the other I watch over and over again because I'll notice different subtle comedic moments every single time!  {Others that I'm pretty into:  The Following, The New Girl, Homeland, The Mindy Project, The Walking Dead, & Modern Family}

I saw this on Pinterest and been doing it for the last few weeks!

If your house was on fire what two things aside from family, pets, etc would you grab?
A box of flashdrives that has all of our pictures converted to digital files & whatever purse I'm currently using that has my wallet, phone, etc.

What are your two most favorite articles of clothing?
Any of my Toms (do shoes count?) & a pair of Nike sweats (my go to's for lounging!).

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What two movies that you saw in the past year would you recommend to us?
This is a bit of a toughie - I'm terrible with remembering movies.  We don't go to the theaters often but we do RedBox a lot.  When watching at home, I'm almost always multi-tasking so not much sticks.  If I had to try and pick two from the last year, I would recommend:  The 5-Year Engagement (rent) & Le Miserables (theaters).

What are your two biggest guilty pleasures?
Bravo TV & wasting hours on Pinterest!!

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